10-10-18 Meet Leaders & Practitioners of Integrative Medicine & Wellness in MS

Annual Wellness Conference

Introducing Integrative Health to Mississippi

Learn new ways for self-care


  Learn new ways for self-care by…

  • What you eat
  • How you move your body
  • How you manage stress

Thought Leaders and Practitioners of Integrative Medicine and Wellness in Mississippi


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Keynote Speaker:

Jeff Good

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  • Engaging Presentations
  • Panel Discussions 
  • Table Exhibits 
  • Meet our Members 
  • Sponsors
  • Live Demos


Educate yourself to take care of yourself

Most of us want to enjoy a life full of health and wellness.... and this journey begins with loving and caring for yourself. Taking care of your body, soul, and mind is the most effective plan for lifelong well-being.

Come learn up to date wellness strategies and practices that can change they way you look, feel and act.

It's easier to feel good!


Connecting you to the health and wellness community available in Mississippi and teaching the latest wellness trends that integrate well with traditional medicine.

Safe, functional and conservative


Connecting Wellness to the Community

Local Wellness List is a group of Integrative Health Practitioners on a mission to educate our online community on a holistic way to better your mind, body and soul. 

We host monthly educational Wellness Meetups featuring local wellness practitioners. These Meetups inspire and encourage the latest self~care practices available. They also offer a great networking opportunity for like minded professionals and local communities. 


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